Duo Daival Daiana & Valentino “Duo Daival” 1991 Duo Daival Daiana & Valentino Duo Daival Daiana & Valentino ... those, are my parents ...                       Daniel Rossetti Duo Daival Daiana & Valentino Daniel Rossetti They are, who they wanted to be, not what the others wanted from them. Like this, in the beginning of the 90ies they returned to Italy for a live performance at one of the most known TV shows of those years, ”piacere rai uno”. And even if they had to decrease the exhibition from 12 to 3,30 minutes (because of television schedule), it was enough for them to rock  the filled audience grandstand of the theatre, teaching to the italian circus a memorable lesson, making them aware of their shameful mistakes. Through my childhood years, my parents reached the high point of their carreer  .. After many years of constant training and selfmade studies,in the middle 80ies my father accomplished an idea,born inside his heart.                        Daiana & Valentino, known as the “duo acrobatico”, recreated themself with a new style and a new artistic name -in our days known as the “Duo Daival”-. (their own creation) In those times the Italian circus never gave them a possibility to perform, receiving negative critics concerning their performance and been considered to be  “B class ” artists, once turning them their back, looking forward to find new alternatives. That was the completly opposite of what the world saw in them. As soon as they get the chance to perform with their first real contract abroad, which turned them to arising stars of theatres, television and the most high class events. Their performance inspired artists from all over the world, long before the existence of biggest entertainment industries of our days. The Duo Daival wasn’t only a simple performance,but a pure and true story of feelings , hope , love and respect ..  the most deepest way to express themself, inside history turned into present, through a whole life time lived durning 12 minutes on stage.  After that fantastic experience Italy regarded them for several TV live exhibitions, untill when their Italian duty feeling to perform in their own country was over.     Than they returned to their first love ... ... travelling, seeing the world ... ... sharing new cultures ... Vitae
Vitae “Duo Daival” Daiana & Valentino